Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mikaiella's Baptism Day

Mika's baptism day started about a month before her birthday for me.  She asked me to make her baptism dress ~ meaning the dress she would wear when her dad baptized her.  She sent me some pictures of what she would like it to look like.
and I went to work.  I found some materials that would be nice even when wet and some trim that resembled the flowers she requested on it.
And this is what it started like.

This is what it ended up like...
Alisha went to visit Laura and Mark for a week and then flew from Denver to Baltimore and we met up with her at the airport there.
Dalynn folks, Tim and Cindy came in the next day and Daniel treated us all to a ride on one of his boats.
We ate lunch at the Amish market...
and played with the kids in the store.

Luke and Jenn's family drove up from Atlanta to be with us for the baptism/birthday party.  Mika was going to be baptized on her birthday; also Saturday of October Conference.

We all got ready for the big day and went to the Church.  There were lots of famil and friends there for Mika.  We took pictures in the yard of the Church and then all went inside. 

Luke and Jenn gave the talk on Baptism and Tim and Cindy gave the talk on  the Holy Ghost.  Daniel baptized Mika and many Melchezidek Priesthood holders stood in the circle to confirm her.
When we returned home there was a great backyard BBQ and birthday party for Mika.

 What a great day for all of us.  Thank you Mika.  We are so grateful for your decision to be baptised and for inviting us to be there with you.  Happy 8!!