Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet, Tender Mercies

Not a pretty picture, you say?

You're right but it is a sweet story.  I call it "Sweet, Tender Mercies."
I had just returned from my morning run when I decided to pull a few weeks from my flower beds before going inside.  I was tired from the run but thought
"I just hate to think of weeds in among the roses, so I'll just pull a few right now."  I reached in and was getting several weeds when of course, I got pricked from a rose thorn.  That's ok because that's what happens when you pull weeds mixed in with rose bushes.  I just kept pulling and the next time I pulled my hand out I noticed that one of the roses had let a little petal fall right on my hand. It just covered the cut like a bandaid would and I felt a little love from my rose bush like "Thank you for getting the weeds out.  Thank you for caring."
Of course I care, how could I not?


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flowers Finally in Bloom

We've had a cool, wet Spring but it is finally starting to warm up.  In response to the heat,

the flowers are finally in bloom.
And for the first time ever, I edged the lawn. 
Looks pretty good, don't you think?
I even planted a garden.  Yes, moi.
But my favorite is my new Hydrangea plant. 

Yeah for warm summers and flowers in bloom.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Trip to the SL VA Ends Well

Dan had a VA appointment in SL on June 22 so of course we turned it into a trip to Orem :-)
The appointment went well and they determined that Dan does not have Parkinson but has Parkinsonian symptoms due to the Lithium levels that put him in a coma.  I guess that's good news and not so good news.  I'll take the good news part.

Anyway, after the appointment we went on down to Haini's and Kristi's place for the night.  We actually had loaded up the car with lots of Lake Powell camping stuff so we would have more room next weekend for Seth and Ali to ride with us. 

We went to dinner at Cafe Rio's and then to Menchies for ice cream.  I happened to have my camera in my purse so...
Waaa Laaa---

After that I wasn't allowed to take any more pictures.  Um?
Gracie and Alisha were busy with "weekend plans" so we didn't get to see either of them but we did get to American Fork to get the life jackets and wake board that Kelly loaned us.
My mom hasn't been doing well lately and needs 24 hour care so we were going to go to Logan and help the brothers and sisters pack her up for the move.
However, because Dan had fallen and hurt his back we ended up coming
straight home Saturday.

Today, Dodie stopped by with some things of Mom's that were given to me.
I love them.  I think Granma Great would be very pleased to have some of Mom's treasures in the China Cabinet again. I know I am.

A special thanks to Mom and all my brothers and sisters for all their work
and for their gifts of love.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colorado Springs in May

             Dan and I had United passes to fly to Denver right out of Idaho Falls,                          
so on May 26th that's just what we did.
However, as usual there were a few glitches in our travels and Dan got on the 6:30 AM flight alone.  His was the last seat so while he went on to Colorado Springs without me, I went back home and went straight back to bed.  Dan got to Denver while I was still sleeping.
I actually had time to get up and wash my hair, clean the house a bit and then head back to the airport for the 1:00 PM flight.  It was fairly wide open flight and no problem getting on.
When I hooked up with Dan in Denver he had our luggage, had gotten a bite to eat and waited patiently through most of the day for me.
We rented a car and drove out to Mark and Laura's house.  This was Dan's third time there but it was a first for me.
They let us park in their garage so it was easier for Dan to get in and out instead of walking from the street parking.  How's that for being treated "royally"?
It was SO fun to spend time with Jace and Anabelle. They are the cutest kids ever. They showed us all their favorite things to do.

After a great dinner Laura announced that Jace, Annie and I were in charge of making brownies.
Now tell me, does she look "in charge"?
No matter who was in charge, we had a super time together.
Annie may have had the box, but Jace had the bag.

                                            "This tastes just right."             
"But Mom, Granma said I could have it."

                                                "Good.  She didn't lick it."

"Tastes pretty good."

 "I think I like it."

                                       "Oops, missed a spot"                                                        

                                                                                       "Here Dad, try this."

                                                   "No thanks.  I'm good. 
                                        I've got the spatula."

"Guess we're all happy now."

On Sunday we went to Church with Laura.  Mark was already there for early morning meetings since he's in the Bishopric.  He just happened to be conducting that day along with being one of the Speakers.
He did a great job and you can see why he's in that calling.
Later that evening the kids and I went on a walk to the park where we played on the toys.
"Look Granma"
"Look Granma"
"Look Granma"
"Look Granma"

  "Hey, Granma"
"Look here"

           Monday morning we went with them to a Ward Memorial Day Breakfast.                    The food was good but the company was the best ever.

As always "all good things must come to an end".  Dan and I headed back to the airport and Laura and Mark and the kids headed to the mountains for a fun day of riding with their friends.
Good times!  Good thing we went when we did.  They are actually moving from Colorado Springs this week.  By the time this was posted they'd moved.
Here are a few extra fun photos.