Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Thomas' in Baltimore

YEAH!! I have a minute so I’ll start another blog. So much has happened since the last one that I’ll try to do several blogs but I have to start with our trip to Baltimore for Daniel’s graduation.
We flew United for the first time and arrived in Baltimore very late Wed. night. We got our car and finally found our hotel. It felt so good to sleep in the next morning. Around 11:00 Dalynn and the girls came over and we all went to meet Daniel for lunch. We had huge hamburgers and fries made from Sugar City potatoes. Daniel went back to work and we followed Dalynn through some beautiful parts of Baltimore to their apartment. The leaves on the trees were turning colors and we saw one that was bright red all over. It reminded me of the “burning bush” only bigger. It was fantastic!!!
Daniel came home and we had dinner together there at their place.
I love their apt. It’s in an older building with all the neat things like long stairways and beautiful wood. In the girls’ room there are large windows overlooking the street below. It’s very nice. Much like I imagined it would be.
Later, Dad and I found our way back to the hotel and went to bed. Our place did not have a pool or hot tub but there was a nice breakfast every morning. That was something different for me but since there were Fruit Loops, I ate breakfast.
On Friday, Dalynn brought the girls back over and we all got into the rental and went to see Washington, DC. I think almost all of our family has been to DC before, but not me. It was all new to me and I loved it. I remember driving in and seeing the Capital Building straight ahead of us. WOW! It looked the same as when you see it on TV but it was so different to see if in real life. Dalynn was so good to drive us all over so we could see lots of things. It rained all day so we didn’t get out and walk but we saw a lot. I hope we can get back there again and walk around. My pictures were not very good. I took them from inside the car, so…

After stopping at McDonalds for lunch, we hurried back to Baltimore for Daniel’s graduation. The girls stayed at the hotel with us till Daniel came to get them and then we went to pick up Dalynn from the apt.

We got dressed up and drove over to meet Daniel and Dalynn at their place. Then we dropped the girls off at the sitters and drove to the John Hopkins campus Club.
We mingled with some of the professors and students and got to meet Ed St. John, Daniel’s new boss. Everyone had wonderful things to say about Daniel. They had a “Hard Hat” ceremony and handed out certificates. I wish my pictures were better but the lighting wasn’t very good and neither am I. Sorry
Afterwards Dad and I went back for another good night sleep. I realized I could really get used to sleeping-in in the mornings! I loved it.
Saturday, it was still raining so Daniel and Dalynn met us at the nearby Wal-Mart where we got Mika a booster/car seat for her birthday. Then we all went to the mall for lunch. Dalynn got us tickets to see “Where the Wild Things Are” so we went to the theatre, too.
We spent some time that afternoon at the apartment and then headed back to the hotel. Dad and I had a nice dinner at the Rose Restaurant right by our hotel and then got packed up to leave the next morning.
The flights were full but we were blessed and got on the first one out of Baltimore. We decided to fly into Jackson Hole since we couldn’t get into IF. This turned out to be a real treat because we rented a car had lunch at the Bunnery in Jackson, drove over the pass into Driggs where we stopped and visited with Scott and LaQuita McDonald. Then we went on home. We had a great trip! And, what fun memories.

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