Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring is Coming to Idaho

It may not be beautiful children in the sunshine, cherry blossoms trees, kites flying in the blue sky or any of the other wonderful signs of Spring, but....

It's definitely evidence the Spring is coming to Idaho soon.

Now the yard work begins. Yeah for Spring!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

And hear the words of God....

Sister Stevens - Primary Presidency "Behold your little ones." Embrass them with our eyes. Recognize who they really are and acknowledge the divine in them."

Elder ??? - Seventy (who can fill in the name for me?) "He healed all. None were turned away." "Become as little children. Wait paitently to be healed."

Elder Cook - Quorum of the 12? "LDS women are unique because of the way they face trials." "The errand of angels has been given to women."

Elder Paul Johnson - Seventy "Often we see marvelous blessings on the heels of trials." "It is not enough to be good, we want to become like Christ."

Bishop Burton - Bishop of the Church "Be kind to the poor."