Sunday, October 26, 2014

Apricots and Jam

I thought we won't have many apricots this year because a huge wind had taken off most of the blossoms.  Instead, the tree was loaded.  The neighbor girls watched with me day after day till they were finally ripe.  I would pick them up almost as quickly as they fell and boy, were they ever good!!
So sweet!!

On August 8, Alisha and I got our hands pretty deep in apricot jam...
and Dan got it all over his toast.


Temple-to-Temple Run

Peggy gave me a call sometime around the middle of July and invited me to do the Temple-to-Temple Run/Walk on July 24th ~ Pioneer Day.  She preferred walking and so did Mark so she signed us all up to do it together.  I have to say, I was pretty excited to be invited and to walk with both of them.  The run/walk was in honor of our pioneer heritage so we were encouraged to run/walk in honor of a family member.  I choose to do it in memory of Dad, Peggy choose Mom and Mark choose his mother.  Mark printed off pictures of them for us and Peggy attached them to our bib numbers.  We put them on our backs and walked from the Provo Temple up by the Mission Center down to the Provo Tabernacle Temple site. 
It was a beautiful morning and the weather was just right.  We took pictures before the walk on the grounds below the Temple.

That afternoon I spend with the Sugi's.  Sitani, Marley, Elijah and I went to the movies and saw
Rio 2.  This was really fun.  Made me wish I'd seen Rio 1. 
Oh well, we enjoyed the popcorn and pop, too.

The girls had to show me that they could ride their bikes.
I came home later that evening because I needed to be at church the next day.

New Pictures

There's nothing like wedding pictures to encourage a change in wall decor.  After Tessha and Patrick's sealing, Alisha's endowment day and Riley's blessing day, I decided it was time to update the family pictures. 

A Relaxing Night

Not often, but sometimes I even have a relaxing night.  I did so on July 17th.  My stitching is stretched out across my bed and a movie is playing on Netflix. 
It doesn't get much better than that on a relaxing night.