Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Fences ~ All Around

This summer we took on the backyard fences. Anyone who's looked at (or worked on) our gate knows it wasn't any good and that we needed a new one. So, I talked with the neighbors and suggested that we replace the fences. I had a bid for materials and labor and they both suggested that they could save us some money if they did the labor. I said I'd pay for the materials since I had already saved for the project so it was a good arrangement for all of us. I paid for the project and they did the work.

When Adrian was taking down the north fence he dug up a ivy root. We have ivy that is beautiful but very enduring. No matter the amount of pulling or Round-up, it continues to grow and grow and.... Anyway, Adrian showed me a root that he had dug up where the new fence was going in.
Here's a picture of me holding it so you can see the comparative size of it.
The finished north fence and gate went up first...

Then the south gate took form...

It feels so good to have it all done and paid for, too. Now let the winter winds blow. Our fence will stand and our gate stay closed.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Ending With "A First"

"All good things must come to an end." At least that's what "they" say. And although I'm not sure I like the idea, it does seem to ring true.

Fairly early Monday morning Will came next door to help us load up the car and get on the road back home. It was so good to spend time with him, Jenni and the boys but regardless we had to head home.
We drove most of the day and people slept on and off throughout the trip. We stopped in Battle Mountain for a late brunch at a little cafe. Hometown cooking always tastes just right and I think Sitani got the best deal with a stack of pancakes.

He even shared some with Granpa.
Somewhere along the way we decided it would be most fun if Sitani came on home with us to Idaho and then Tessha would take him back to Orem in a few days. He liked the idea so we called "mom" and asked her permission. She said she'd have to ask "dad's" permission and a few hours later she called back to say he could come.

Just think about it. We've waited 60, almost 61 years to have a "grandkid sleep over". Oh the wonderful memories I have of spending time with my Grandmas and Grandpas in Idaho during the summers. We were so excited to have more time with Sitani. He really was the perfect traveler and I'll say it again, "I'd take him anywhere, anytime." So, this was like frosting on the cake.
Of course, we had to jump on the tramp with the sprinklers near by.

We even slept outside on the tramp both nights and he was such a good sport while waiting for me to get home from work so I could join him.

I couldn't have imagined a better ending to a wonderful trip. Thank you all!!