Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Break ~ Wonderful Spring Break!

Spring Break had finally arrived and I had a full week off from school and from the Pharmacy.  Dan and I were looking foward to a wonderful week visiting Daniel and Dalynn's family as well and Luke and Jenn's family.  So we headed to Baltimore first.  We are forever grateful to Luke and Jenn for all their hard work that allows us to fly all over the country for free and for all their help getting us to wherever we need to go.  Thank you Luke and Jenn!

We arrived in Baltimore on Saturday, March 31and on  Sunday afternoon we drove out to Atlantic City with Dalynn and the girls.  Dalynn had made reservations at the Wyndum Resort downtown.  We had a wonderful view from our room and were within a short walk from the beach.  Here are a few of the sites we saw from our window.

We watched movies, played with Legos and just plain rested.

We swam in the pool, played at the beach and took pictures beneath the pier.

My heart was happy just walking a beach again.  It was wonderful!

Being right there on the famous "Atlantic City Boardwalk" I had to take a few pictures of that, too!

The next day was a little warmer so the girls actually got to play in the water
Then we walked the boardwalk and finished off with an ice cream cone.

Dalynn took Mika and Ember back and I went for a little stroll with Marn to see the Lighthouse.
We saw lots of fun things along the way.

And then we found the Lighthouse.  I've seen lots of
Lighthouses on the West Coast but this was the first Lighthouse I'd ever seen on the East Coast.

It was getting darker on the way back so we got to see the city lights all lite up.

We finished off our stay in Atlantic City with a tour of the Aquarium and lunch at McDonalds on Wednesday.

After all, a girl just can't have too much fun in Atlantic City!  Especially with grandkids.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

For months now we've had some sweet thank yous on our fridge. So love seeing them there.
Thank you for your Thank yous!