Sunday, March 10, 2013

On the Road Again

This year has been full of trips to the SL VA and this weekend was just another one of them.  Dan's been getting some Speech Therapy (from another therapist).  His breathing is rather shallow which makes it difficult for him to speak up.  He has little support and finds it hard to speak without running out of air.  So, they set him up with a couple of therapy sessions.  We were on our way to another one of them on Friday, March 8th. 

Afterwards, we went on down to Orem and caught up with Gracie for dinner.  This time we ate at Sizzler's.  Although Dan had wanted Fish and Chips he realized that Gracie might want something other than fish so he picked Sizzlers.  Yum, it was so good.  Grace and I filled up on the salad bar and ended up taking a steak and potato home for leftovers.  Dan had Chicken Fried Steak and a bowl of soup.  We were all pretty full and happy people when we left there. 

Grace came back to our room with us and soaked in the hot tub with me for a while.  I have to say, I love spending time with her.  She's funny and also has a great strength to her testimony that I enjoy listening to. 

When we got dried off and settled in the room she tried to help me get my Nikeplus Wristband working.  Since all I had with me was my IPad, it didn't work but we got online and got the website that I could go to at home. (Which I proudly did tonight.)  So, instead she got a couple of new apps loaded for me and we played "Free Flow" and "4Pics and a Word" till close to 2:00 in the morning.  Dan enjoyed the whole bed while we played.


Finally, we solved the "last" "last one" and Grace headed back to her place. 

Dan and I slept in (Dan went down for breakfast and then came back to sleep in).  It was almost noon before we left the hotel and went over to Kristi's place.  She had taken the kids to Lowe's that morning for a project and then she needed to go to a "party" one of her friends was hosting.  We took the kids and went to Carl's Jr. (the one with the playground) and had lunch.  The kids ate and played, ate some more and played some more.  Kristi gave us a key to the house and then left for the party. 

She actually made it home before we even left Carl Jr.we were having so much fun.  Gracie and the kids played "4Pics and a Word" for hours while some of us put the puzzles from the Kid's Meals together.   We did have to take the kids home although we were tempted to just head up the freeway with them.   It was another beautiful ride home.   Aww, such a fun day.

Heart Lost and Found

Early one morning (most weekday mornings are early- too early, but...) I got ready for work, grabbed my nice black, wool coat that Gracie gave me and started to put it on when I noticed that my silver heart wasn't pinned on it any longer.  Darn.  I loved that heart and now no heart.  Some days are just like that but it still caused a pang in my "heart".  For one thing, I hate losing things and for another, I really liked that heart.  I can't tell you where I got it or who gave it to me but it meant a lot for one reason or another and there it was .... gone.
But, not having lots of time to mope about it I chalked it up to "Oh well..."  and headed out the door. 
Knowing that I really seldom find things I lose, I didn't really stress about finding it again. 
Then one day on my way out the door after school when snow had started melting around the sidewalks and parking lot and as I got to my car and opened the passenger door to put my bags in, I looked down and there, yes, sir-ree, right there on the curb of the sidewalk was my heart pin.  It was a bit smashed but shinned up nicely and I pinned it right back on my black, wool coat that Gracie gave me.
I can now say that I really lost my heart and then found it again when the snow melted.  I just have to realize that I am blessed come rain, snow or sunshine.  The Lord knows where my heart is.

Dallin's Welcome Home

On Feb. 23 Dan, Alisha and I climbed back into the car and headed to Orem again.  However, this time we didn't stop in SL at the VA.  We went right on past it to our favorite hotel near Kristi and Haini's.  This trip was in honor of Dallin Steele's welcome home.  The trip down was a bit edgy because the roads were not real good and the weather was even worse.  But, we made it and were glad when we finally got there.  Gracie and her roommate met us for dinner at Cafe Rio.  Thank goodness someone took pictures.  I took my camera but left it in my purse the entire time.  Oh well!

Sunday morning we all met up at their ward building and were treated with a great Sacrment Meeting.  Dallin's talk was uplifting and very inspiring.  He talked about conversion; a most appropriate topic for a returning missionary, but he also tied it to before mission and after mission experiences and the Spirit was very strong throughout his talk.  It was a blessing in our lives to have been there. 

Afterwards the fun started.  Kelly's family was there as well as Margie and Terry.  It was good to see Sam and Kellie, Afton and friend (wish I could spell his name).  We ate and visited and ate some more and then finally took off for home.   The roads were clear and the day was beautiful.  Ya gotta love that.