Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day and Flowers for Mom

"Ok, so here I go"
Father's Day has come and gone and most bloggers are on to other topics, but we're still remembering the fun and exciting moments of the day. Here are just a few:"Tales from Elizabeth and James""Spriking the Punch"
"Flowers from the Gardens make Bouquets from Dad"

Saturday, June 7, 2008

One Summer Project Done

YEAH!! One summer project is done. Now doesn't that look nice?? I like it a lot more than all the weeds that tend to grow there every summer. Usually, I spend a small fortune on Round-Up and lots of time spraying, hoeing, pulling and otherwise wearing myself out just trying to keep the weeds down. So, this summer I thought I'd try the black plastic idea. We'll see how good it works before too long. Anyway, I'm excited to have it done before it got dark. Now I'm going to shower, put on my pajamas and watch a good movie.

Do you remember the chain link walkway that we first had in Thomas. It's a very special chain link and has moved with us to each home we've been at. If you don't remember it or want to know more, just ask Dad. He can tell you a neat story about it. :-) And do you see all his wonderful strawberry plants off to the left?? Come on over and we'll have fresh strawberries.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting There

This last month has been all about "Getting There". I'm sure that's probably how Jenni and Laura both feel about now. Last Saturday Tessha, Gracie, Alisha and I all piled into Kristi's car (now think about that one) and took off on a girls day out. We were headed to Provo for Laura's 1st Baby Shower. It was loads of fun and other than losing Tessha to Dalynn and Daniel, we returned home in Tessha's car(think about that one, too) safely that same night, thanks to Gracie driving us the last half of the way home.