Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer with Grandkids is a Party

One of my favorite things is to have little ones come to visit!! And that's just what we got last week. Bless their mother's hearts for dealing with us all. What fabulous women and mothers. I was entralled with their kindness, gentleness and over all mothering skills. What a blessing they are to us and to their families. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your fun with us. One of my next favorite things is to get flowers from those that I love. That's exactly what I got one night when returning home from work. My sweet grandchildren made a bouquet and put it on our table just for me. Aren't I blessed?!
We had some practice time for the water park.
Dalynn made raspberry jam when they children were asleep. We ate peas and strawberries from the garden. We opened surprises, put puzzles together and read new books. We planted flowers. We showed off our skateboarding skills and we slept on Granma's bed. We jumped on the tramp and swung in the swing. We played games outside at night by candlelight. Held soft, new, sweet baby Jace Harmon Nelson. And we took home a bag of apricots from Granpa and Granma's apricot tree. THANKS FOR COMING ~ THANKS FOR THE FUN ~ TILL NEXT TIME ~ WE LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This One's For You, Bud!

Remember when we used to call Seth, Bud? I do! Just check this one out and it's pretty obvious we should call him, Elder Thomas. Doesn't he look happy? Doesn't he look good? This is his Mission President and Sister Webb whom he worked with at the office. They have since gone home, but Seth was able to get a final picture with them before they left. It is so good to see his smiling face in the mail today. I had to take his picture to work and show him off and then I knew you'd all want to see it, too.
Yeah, Elder Thomas!! You're looking GREAT!~

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Saturday at Home

Well, today Dad and I were both at home and between the two of us, we got a lot accomplished. I thinned out, weeded and watered flower beds. There was an overgrowth of daisies mixed in with the roses. (Look, you can see the rose bushes again). I took out all the trashes -picture not included :-) but there was a lot between all the flower beds, the yards and the house. I got to use our handy/dandy blower that Daniel and Dalynn got us to clean off the front porch. Boy, did it need the cleaning. Then I reviewed my VT assignments with our RS Pres. and finished out June's forms, picked the strawberries and took them over to the Roberts, took flower starts to my friend Martha, sprayed the rose bushes, drained, cleaned out and refilled the hot tub, and pulled weeds wherever I was at.

Dad went to Home Depot and came back with the makings for another raised vegetable bed.
He put that together and we moved it into the garden before filling it up and planting more vegetables. He got squashes, bell peppers, cantalope and a nice big tomato plant. We also found brocolli and a tomato growing in the other planter.

It is so nice to have to black plastic down and then to have raised beds on top of it. Dad also fixed out back door so that it will be better for winter. Now, maybe I'll go sit in the hot tub a while. Want to come?
We hope you had a great weekend. Check out Will and Jenni's (Sleepless in Seattle) and MarknLaura's blogs for updates and pictures of our new grandsons Preston William Thomas and Jace Harmon Nelson. You can also check out Alisha's blog for pictures from the 4th of July parade!! She was in the parade with the Skyline High Student Government float.