Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dan's Birthday Drive

On the morning of August 3rd, Dan and I set out for an adventurous Birthday Drive.  (He turns 63 on the 5th.) We headed up to Jackson Hole but bypassed the junction looking for the Swan Lake Temple.  We didn't find any signs of it but we saw eagles nest after eagles nest.  So many!!
I stopped the car a ways back from this one and walked up closer to get a picture.  Both mama and baby were in the nest and as I approached the mama started yelling at her baby to "get down" which she did.  I relate to the protective tendencies of mamas so I stopped where I was and took my picture.

Then we turned around went back to the junction and on our way to Jackson Hole.  While  walking to the resturant Dan needed to sit down for a minute and a young man offered to take our picture. 

We had lunch at the Mountain High Pizza Pie resturant.

This beautiful statue was on a bench on the sideway and reminded me of Gwenevere and Gracie with their new baby kitties so I took a picture of it for them. 

We moved on towards Jenny's Lake in the Grand Teton National Park but there were people and cars everywhere so we turned around and headed back towards the Teton Pass. 
Dan directed me to a little, tiny mountain dirt road leading to Wilson and from there we went over the pass into Victor. We drove through Driggs and turned off the highway at Hoopes Road. We had hoped to find Dave and Jo's dry-farm piece of land so we began to drive back towards Victor across the whole side of the mountain range on another little dirt road over bumps and dips and cracks and holes to no avail. When we got to Packsaddle Road we turned left towards Driggs and turned left again at 8000 W. We managed to find their old house that they built after the flood and it was fun to see it again.  

This is what we saw ahead of us....

 and this is was we saw behind us.

And if we looked east we could see the Tetons along with "No Trespassing" signs.

We continued on 8000 W back across the same mountain  range towards the highway again.  We never did find their new place so we came on home through Newdale and Rexburg. 

Needless to say, we had a wonderful day and a marvelous Birthday Drive.
PS.  I had to wash the car when we got home :-)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sam and Kelli's Reception

We received a wedding announcement and invite to Sam and Kelli's reception to be held at Thanksgiving Point on July 20.  Dan wasn't quite up to going with us so I took him back to Island Park for another weekend with Paunie and Larry.  That's when Alisha and I took off and went to stay with Kristi and Haini.  We always have fun with their family and it was a nice get away from Alisha and I.
We got there Saturday afternoon and went to the reception that evening.  The weather was wonderful and so was the party.  It brought back memories of Kristi and Haini's reception in Hawaii and many of the fun traditions of the Samonans. 
They ended the night with a dance and I got to dance almost every dance with Marley.  If it wasn't for her I would have remained in my seat and missed Dan all the more.
Here are a few of the pictures we took that night.


We stayed the night and went to Church with them the next day but I had to leave after Sacrament meeting and go to the ER.  My eye had become infected and was hurting so bad I couldn't open it.
I got a prescription and it began to feel better. 

Sunday night Marley put on a ballet for us

Marley loved dancing so much that the next day she put on a ballet for us.     Later that afternoon Kristi took us all up the canyon for a little time together.  The kids played in a nearby creek and we sat and talked and talked.  I love those times together.  We stayed another night and then headed home Monday morning since I had to work at 4:00.    It was so fun to be with the Sugies and to go to Sam and Kellie's reception

Friday, August 2, 2013