Monday, December 31, 2012

Annual Jackson - Yellowstone Fall Drive

One Saturday morning Dan said, "Let's go for a drive."  Alisha and I were more than willing to spend the day doing anything besides yard work, so we all got into the car and headed north. For several years now we've taken a drive to Jackson Hole and then looped up through Yellowstone, West Yellowstone and back home.  I used to make this drive with Tessha and sometimes we'd stay the night in West Yellowstone at the World Mark Resort.  I always look forward to that time with her.  Now, she has other trips to make with Patrick so Dan goes with me.  Having Alisha home is a bonus so this year we all went together.

  The leaves were turning colors and we stopped along the way to take pictures. 


When we got to Jackson Hole we got a bite to eat at Bubba's. 

Since it was getting late we decided to head back home so we went over the Teton pass towards Driggs and came back down through Piney Pass to Swan Lake.  Of course, we stopped at the corner store and bought a square ice cream before driving back into Idaho Falls. 
I'm so glad we left the yard work for another Saturday because this one was just perfect the way it was.  Thanks for a good idea Dan!

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Wasatch 100 Mile Runner

Early in the morning on Sept. 7th we drove to Farmington where we met up with and sent Will running off through the Wasatch Mountains. He was on another one of those crazy 100 mile adventure races and we were there to cheer him on. 
We watched for him coming around the bends and down the hills.
and he never failed us.  After about 6 hours of running up and down mountains he cam running into the firs aid stations where he got his supplies replenished and himself checked out by the staff.  He had to keep his body stats at certain levels so that he could continue the run.  At the first station, Emmy, Jenni's brother's wife became his first pacer.

This scene fascinated me. We were up high enough in the mountains to be level with the range peaks.  It was beautiful and one of the thoughts I had was how excited I was for Will to see things along the run that not man people ever get to see.  Just being able to see such sights would be worth the run.  I wish I that could have seen those sights, too.
there to cheer him on.  While we were waiting to meet Will at the second aid station, we went to Park City and played at the park with Preston and Taylor.
Then we went into town to get some dinner.  There was a fantastic antique car show going on and I got a few pictures.
  We had dinner at a nice Italian place where we had much, too much good food and had to take most of it with us for later.

 On our way back to the cars I saw the CAR of my dreams.  It was beautiful and although I'll probably never own m own baby blue with tan leather seats, convertible Porche, I will appreciate seeing one parked on the street in Park City.
When we got to the aid station cars were lined along the roads and we were glad to see Will smiling as he made his way up the steep hill.  He had been on the trail for over 12 hours by this time.  And he was still smiling ~ Amazing, for sure.
Emmy traded pacing with her husband, Stephen, Jenni's brother.  They both run marathons but this was their first time pacing a 100 miler.  They did a fantastic job and we were so grateful that they were there with Will for support and encouragement.    We went back to Orem to sleep the night through but Will and Stephen ran on.  Early the next morning we met up with them at the last aid station at Alta Ski Lodge.  They were both tired and glad to have a short break from the trail.  This was the hardest part, Will said.  They changed their gear and ate a small bit of food before they were gone again.  The next time we saw them they would be done.
Later that day, we were in Heber at the finish line when here came Will; 100
miles later and still smiling.

However, I do think he was glad to finally be done and I'm sure it felt wonderful to close his eyes for a minute.

I don't have a picture of him getting his award but this is what I admire.  It's his "Wasatch 100 Mile Adventure Race " number. that he word on his shirt through the entire run.  We're so proud of him and admire his strength and stamina.  He really is very amazing in many ways! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And then the leaves fell.

Not to worry, Alisha handles the leaf sucker just fine. Between one of us with a rake and one of us with the sucker, the leaves disappear and reappear as mulch in the flower beds. Gotta love those falling leaves.

A Beautiful Indian Summer Fall

This fall has been wonderful!!  We had a couple of days of cold weather so we had to cover the flowers and garden every night for a week and then it warmed up again.  We've loved the beautiful colors of the flowers.  After the August heat, they seemed to come back with brilliance. They are even now still thriving. 


There was about a week when we had to cover up the flowers and the garden but after that it warmed up again and we continued to enjoy them beauty of the fall.

With few days off of the pharmacy, Alisha and I put on our gloves and started cleaning out the flower beds.

                                        There, that pretty good for one day.

And the job is finally done.