Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine to Remember

We cheated! We started celebrating Valentine's Day early this year. In January, Dan reserved a condo at Bear Lake for us. I had to work the weekend before Valentine's, so the weekend before that (Feb. 4) I took Friday night off and Dan and I drove down to Bear Lake. Well, actually we picked up Heidi and a friend of hers here in IF and took them down to Logan first. We had a nice dinner with Penny and the girls and after that, we drove the Logan pass in a snow storm. We were never so glad to get to Bear Lake as we were that night. Thank goodness, Dan was calm and level headed while I drove a winding, slick mountain road in the dark.

At the condo, we had the best time ever! We slept in. We read and I stitched on a project I'm doing for a friend. We watched TV and a couple of good movies. Basically, we did whatever we wanted to do.
Later in the afternoon we went for a ride along the West side of Bear Lake.
Dan showed me where we stayed when we had a Harmon Family Reunion one year. We got out and walked around a bit wondering if it would be a good place to hold a Thomas Family Reunion one of these times.
When we got back to our condo we changed into our suits and went and sat in the hot tub for a while. Later that night we had salad and steaks and then we went to bed.
Sunday morning/afternoon we packed up the car and headed back over the clear, lighted mountain pass. It really is a beautiful pass when it's not dark and blizzardly. (I know that's not really a word, but it works here.)

We went to see Granma and then we all went up to Kelly and Julia's for a wonderful Sunday dinner. It was so good to visit with everyone. Before too late, we headed home ever so grateful for a very relaxing weekend together. Thank you, Dan. It was a Valentine's gift to remember.

I gave Dan a CD of The Dan Diaries for Valentine's Day. It took me a year to write them but it only took him a couple of days to read them. Aren't we glad he's here reading them?!

But, unbeknownsed to me (I know that's not a word, either, but...) Dan had another gift for me. Last night he gave me a beautiful heart shaped, diamond necklace with matching earrings which I proudly wore to work today.
But, that's still not the end. When I got home today I found a beautiful bouquet of red roses on my dresser.
Not only do I still have Dan with me. I have a Valentine's Day to Remember.
Don't I have it pretty good????


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A January Project

Some people might ask, "What good is January? It's cold, it's yucky and there's nothing to do." And they are right. It is cold and it is yucky but it is good for getting caught up on projects. This January I realized that I had a lot of projects that needed my attention. For one, I hadn't ever finished putting my 2009, not to mention my 2010 blogs into document form and burning them on to CDs. In fact, I hadn't even begun transposing The Dan Diaries, either. There you have it, 3 huge projects that needed my attention.

So between work and work... I began the process. I can say I was doubly excited for those few days when I didn't have any school so I could spend the whole day at my computer. As I finished up each of the blogs I realized I hadn't even burned by pictures for those two years. I think it had something to do with the fact that last January we were so involved with Dan's health that pretty much everything else was put on the shelf.

However, with a year behind us and Dan making great progress, it was time to catch up.

I'm pleased to say I have burned CDs of The Tall and The Short of It All for 2009 and 2010, as well as The Dan Diaries and I have burned 5 CDs of pictures from both those years. I feel a little like my journal is up to date.
YEAH!!! Did you just say "YEAH"? I thought I heard it. Maybe it was me. YEAH again!

I might even change by blog wallpaper. It's Feburary and almost Valentine's Day. Fun Blogs to come.