Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Wonderful Sugies!

I'm so sad that I have no pictures for this post, but just close your eyes and imagine. No, never mind. You have to have your eyes open to read this....
Anyway, last Wed. the Sugies came to visit. They were off for Spring Break and came up this way. Our snow was almost melted so they didn't totally freeze.
I got to see them for a little while before I went to the Pharmacy and then they came and saw me there for a little while. They had some shopping to do ~ a new bike for Sitani!!

Again, I saw them for a few minutes that night after I got home, but I didn't see them at all on Thursday. I left before they were up and when I came home from school they were gone on errands, but while I was at school they(and Tessha)WASHED all the windows in the house, cleaned the living room from TOP to BOTTOM, tightened up my computer desk and put things up in the garage that have been down since Christmas and I'm still finding little surprises every day!! They were so tired when I got home that night that I hardly got to thank them without waking them up. And then I left again in the morning and they went on back to Orem before I came home.

What a wonderful spring break for me!!! Thank you!!!
I hope Kristi got some pictures while they were here.