Sunday, October 26, 2014

Apricots and Jam

I thought we won't have many apricots this year because a huge wind had taken off most of the blossoms.  Instead, the tree was loaded.  The neighbor girls watched with me day after day till they were finally ripe.  I would pick them up almost as quickly as they fell and boy, were they ever good!!
So sweet!!

On August 8, Alisha and I got our hands pretty deep in apricot jam...
and Dan got it all over his toast.


Temple-to-Temple Run

Peggy gave me a call sometime around the middle of July and invited me to do the Temple-to-Temple Run/Walk on July 24th ~ Pioneer Day.  She preferred walking and so did Mark so she signed us all up to do it together.  I have to say, I was pretty excited to be invited and to walk with both of them.  The run/walk was in honor of our pioneer heritage so we were encouraged to run/walk in honor of a family member.  I choose to do it in memory of Dad, Peggy choose Mom and Mark choose his mother.  Mark printed off pictures of them for us and Peggy attached them to our bib numbers.  We put them on our backs and walked from the Provo Temple up by the Mission Center down to the Provo Tabernacle Temple site. 
It was a beautiful morning and the weather was just right.  We took pictures before the walk on the grounds below the Temple.

That afternoon I spend with the Sugi's.  Sitani, Marley, Elijah and I went to the movies and saw
Rio 2.  This was really fun.  Made me wish I'd seen Rio 1. 
Oh well, we enjoyed the popcorn and pop, too.

The girls had to show me that they could ride their bikes.
I came home later that evening because I needed to be at church the next day.

New Pictures

There's nothing like wedding pictures to encourage a change in wall decor.  After Tessha and Patrick's sealing, Alisha's endowment day and Riley's blessing day, I decided it was time to update the family pictures. 

A Relaxing Night

Not often, but sometimes I even have a relaxing night.  I did so on July 17th.  My stitching is stretched out across my bed and a movie is playing on Netflix. 
It doesn't get much better than that on a relaxing night.

Clean Things

I love having, as Dan says, "clean things" so on July 17th I decided to clean the hot tub
and the fish tank. 

Garden Pickings

A couple of the things we've enjoyed out of the garden this summer were the peas and spinach.
July 17, 2014

Another Utah Wedding

On Friday, July 11th Dan and I headed back to Salt Lake for another wedding.  Clinton and Taunia's youngest daughter Savannah Wheeler was getting married in the Draper Temple the following day.
On our way down we stopped at Maddox (as had become a habit for us) and lo, and behold, who do you think we saw having lunch there?

We stayed the night at Mark and Laura's and got up early Saturday morning to leave for the temple. We drove around the point of the mountain to get there but we drove around the back of the mountain to get back to Lehi.  
We saw lots of Thomas family at the wedding and it was really nice.  We went to the Hale Center Theatre for the wedding breakfast.  The people that own the Center are an Aunt and Uncle of the groom. 
They had hired a catering company to make omlets for everyone.  It was so good!  There was a short program done by some of the people from the theatre.
The drive around the back of the mountain was beautiful.  It was quite high up with lots of winding bends and the landscape was breath-taking.
We weren't able to stay for the reception that night because we needed to be back for Sunday so we had a nice ride home together.

Penny in Logan

After the Harmon Family Reunion was over I was able to go to Logan and stay the night in the hospital with Penny.  Thankfully, it was her last night there and it didn't take long the next morning for her to be ready to go home.
I was able to take her home and go get some groceries for her and Amanda before I left for home.
It was good to spend some time with her.  I've missed her close by and we had a nice visit that night.

2014 Harmon Family Reunion

 2014 Harmon Family Reunion

After we cleaned up the rental house in Harrison on Saturday, we packed up and drove directly to the Park in American Falls.  It was now time for the 2014 Harmon Family Reunion.  We hadn't held a Harmon Reunion in many years.  At least not since Dad had passed away in 2003.  Peggy, Margie, Penny and I decided it was time for another one.  We had talked about it since late 2013.  We used our need for "discussion on the matter" as an excuse to have Sister Retreat.  After all, there was so much to "discuss". 
Peggy was incharge of the reunion and directed much of what needed to be done.  She arranged for the park and all the food.  She also "MC"ed the program part of it.  She spent endless hours making sure everything was going smoothly and ready for the big day. 
I did the publicity for it.  Actually, I just had fun finding fun family pictures, adding captions and sending them out to everyone. 

I have to say, it really was just plain fun.  I would get back comments from the cousins, etc and it would brighten my day for at least a week.  I also loved going through the photos I have on file of the Harmon family.
It’s Coming ~ Again!!and again J
Lewisville, ID. 1982

  Will you be there?
July 5, 2014
American Fork, UT.

Here is a copy of the last assignment chart.  It will give a much better picture of who was responsible for what.  Needless to say, it couldn't have happened without everyone's help.

Preparations for Harmon Reunion July 5, 2014




Arrange for Park w/city
Mark – provide simple map


Treasurer/ Sibling funds



Invitations to Reunion


Map; info abt park; abt day

Family Video - Mark

Thinking to let run thru cycles thru day


Fireworks (Sibling Funds)

Kevin H; purchase July 4th How much$???


MC – Penny & Doug:

Move reunion thru day w/o scripted timetable

Excepting meal times.


v  8 Siblings help out day of



v  4 Sisters plan out ideas for



v  Whomever Available: Early AM setting up


    Ideas as of 4/27

Rockets – Margie providing: SOUNDS FUN!



Large blue frisbee; baseball; horseshoes

Who has equipment?


Water balloon launching – Margie???

  Peggy: large frisbee

Additional ideas for days

Heidi & Amanda: Games like



Nertz; Scum of the Earth; BS; Farkle



Doug maybe - Marbles; Jacks


Let’s finalize days events

Penny - Skits/Poems/Songs(opt &LOVE!!!)


/games by end of May!

Penny - White Elephant Auction 



3 Legged Races, Red Rover, Mother May I?



Giant Jenga, Crafts,


Bandanas (Sibling Funds?)

Different colors for different families???






Pavilion D├ęcor/Preps

(Sibling funds)  

Duct tape & 16 Plastic tablecloths ($1) at DollarStore; balloons..Fun IDEAS???

HARMON Welcome Banner!

Sandy can post fun family pictures around the pavillon

Family Search

Peggy talked w/Kelly; open to do when best…





Collect # of attendees

Sandy will collect in emailing families


Pricing; Purchase Meat

Thomas Family Fried and Grilled Chicken

Will place order when we have a head count.

Buy all small rolls day of

(Sibling funds?)

Do we want to still have rolls for 2pm meal???


Food Offerings for day

LET’S HAVE MEAL TIME   AT  AT  2pm AND 6/7pm          Fam    Families bring snacks

Mid-June Peggy will talk w/7 siblings for         specific “donations; Thomas fam bring               chicken for 2pm meal                                                    Margie bought paper goods ($56.51)

Salads, Veggie Plates, Chips, Desserts, Drinks, Water, Watermelons, Fruit Bowls Hot Dog, Marshmellows…Smores?

Other meal ideas???

Each fam bring own hot dog fixings for 6pm??


Random Photos/ FamPic

Photographer possibilities?????

Sandy can collect all photos and make a disk for future reunions if  we want.


Bring fans to plug in…

Peggy…. extension cord w/multi-head


Megaphone for MCs

Ideas to find: Megaphone & Sound system ??


I've included this as a reference for any further family reunions.  Peggy and Mark spent a lot of time putting things together.  I'll also burn a CD of all the planning and all the pictures of the reunion.  Linda has also put together a wonderful video of the reunion.  I cannot even begin to think of  nor thank everyone who did so much to pull this wonderful day together. 
I will report that all the Harmon siblings were there that day except for Penny.  She was in the Logan hospital (again) and didn't get to come.  It was also consisted too long of a trip for Shelly to be there with us.  We missed them both but realized that one day we would all definately be together again.
Here are just a few of the pictures taken that day.  This is only a small amount.  See the Harmon Family 2014 CD for more.