Thursday, June 28, 2012


On Thursday, May 10th Dan and I flew into Tacoma for the BIG GRADUATION PARTY.  James had finished his doctorate program in Physical Therapy at Puget Sound University and we were going to CELEBRATE~! 

We had cakes to bake and dinners to fix and granddaughters to spoil so of course we started with walks to the park.

Then we  baked and decorated 4 cakes ~ one for each of the graduates on James' team. 

We went to dinner at Steamers with Rob, Daniel, Will, Jenni, Preston, Taylor, James, Elizabeth, Gwenevere and Gracie.
Of course we had sea food as we looked out at the ocean. 

Then we walked on the beach....

and watched the train whissss by.

Guess who was the happiest!

We finished that night with ice cream and toppings.

Sunday was James' big day.  There was a "Meet the Faculty"

and then the Hooding Ceremony

We are SO proud of James!

The campus was beautiful and we had a picnic lunch right there on the lawn.
Will and Jenni joined us as did all of James' family.

Dan and I took the little girls home to start dinner while everyone else went to the Graduation Ceremonies.

Tessha and Patrick surprised us by showing up at James and Elizabeth and helping us get everything to the dinner.
What a great Mother's Day surprise!

We met up with everyone else at the Club House and had a fun celebration.
That's when I got to play with the grandkids and go for a walk with them.
My favorite time.

Oh yah, on Saturday we were able to do the final alterations on Jenni's dress and it worked out just perfect.

Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Not too bad for a fun weekend in Tacoma.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Summer Wardrobe

I'm so excited!!  I have a whole new (?) summer wardrobe. 

In the mornings I change from my pajamas to one of my many new outfits.

Some of them really are very old but they are new to me this summer.

Yap, I've started running again.  No summer school and no morning pharmacy hours so guess what I do when I get out of bed.

I get dressed in one of my "not really so" new outfits and I go running! 

It's so fun.  Some days I wear this shirt and I think of Will running that amazing 100 miles adventure race.

Some days I wear this and think of Gracie, training for her first marathon.

Some days I wear this and think of Dad :) I'm not telling what I think, but it's worth remembering.

Or I wear this shirt and remember running with Mary O'Leary down the hill into town.

I think I was only 42 years old then!!

I don't ever wear this because with long sheeves, it's just too hot although I do see it in my drawer and think of all those who faced the fridget cold with me that Thanksgiving morning, the constant compansionship of Kristi at my side and the finish line cheering team getting me across that silly line will always be fond memories. 

Maybe if I ever get to run during the winter I'll wear this shirt then. 

I might even wear one of these shirts this coming week.

And for sure I'll wear these same shoes!  Yap, they're the oldest, but with some good silver duck tape and a little nail glue now and then, they still keep me going.

Regardless of what I choose to wear, I choose to go running. Ok, so the truth is~

I only running about 2.5 miles and I only go out 3-4 days a week, but that's a start.

It takes me about 30 minutes every time. I wish I could say I'm getting faster however, some days, I just barely make it home.

But I love it!!!               I really love it!!!

Besides, this is just one of the ways I want to be more like my children!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dagny Danielle Thomas
was born May 9.

 Mama said she loved how Papa wore pink to welcome her here.

Missy Moo, Apple and Berry all came to see their new sister.

She is so loved!

And in this short time has brought much love and joy to her family.

 And now there are four beautiful Thomas girls!

I can't wait to hold her myself.