Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Women in Black are Here - Are You Scared Yet?

Drum Roll~~~~~~~~TA-DA The Women in Black are here. Yes, hold on and don't be afraid. They will protect and defend at all costs. Are you scared yet? For the average Thomas family member, this could be very frightening.

It has been said that "Where Gracie is, there is a party". With this in mind, the Women in Black were called in to provide protection. They watch, they listen, they wait and anticipate any conspiracy to soil the fun. They will succeed and they'll have a great time doing it. We praise The Women in Black. Do NOT be afraid.

We saluate Gracie Thomas, who will soon be returning to her undercover, nundane life as a BYU student in Provo, Utah. We are saddened to see her go and we wish her well.
The Women in Black will not be seen again until she returns to her post.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Very Special Day

Today is a very special day. Yes, it's the last day of summer vacation since I go back to work at the school tomorrow. Although this summer I've worked at the pharmacy about 32 hours a week, it's still been summer vacation and tomorrow morning at 6:30 you'll find me on the road to Rigby again.

BUT, that is not why today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY. Today is Dan and my's 34th wedding anniversary. 34 years ago today, Dan drove to Pocatello long before 6:30 AM and picked me up from my Granma Rohde's house. Then we headed for the Idaho Falls Temple. What an amazing full day!! First time in a Temple of the Lord. First time as a wife and the beginning of all of this~
I thought I'd like to share a few of my thoughts about Dan L Thomas~
He's very handsome.
He's very tall.
He's very righteous.
He's a very good father.
He's a very good companion.
I know I've ALWAYS known him.
I know I LOVE HIM.

He even laughed at one of my jokes today!!!

He surprised me on Friday with a bouquet of red roses and a card. The roses even have eucalyptus in them. See.

I'm going to treat him to dinner at Sizzler's the first chance we get to go.

Tessha fixed dinner for us and Gracie took pictures of us. Elizabeth and James left us a bowl of apples and a wonderful Apple Pie Candle which is burning right now and making our house smell marvelous.

I can't tell you all the wonderful things we've done through the years but I'll share some fun pictures and you can remember the memories yourselves.