Friday, August 31, 2012

The Great 2012 Thomas Family Reunion

Daniel and Dalynn and Kristi and Haini took on the task of organizing the 2012 Thomas Family Reunion sometime during 2011.  They reserved a house boat at Lake Powell and began the process of getting us all together again.
With the much appreciated help of Mark and Laura and well as everyone else the reunion was planned and we were on our way to Lake Powell.
Dan and I went to Orem on Saturday, June 30 and I got to go to the show "Brave" with Grace, Sitani, Marley and Jace.

The next day we went to Dagny's blessing.

Then after many pre-trip preparations

and sometime in the middle of the night we packed the cars and headed south to Lake Powell.  It was so fun to meet up with each other at gas stations along the way.

When we got there several others had already arrived and we started loading the boat.
So we made our way to the beach personally reserved for us by Mark and Luke's family. 
Mark and Luke's family had been there a few days ahead of us so they could hold a good camping site for us during the busy 4th of July week. 
They even had some of the tents already set up for us. 

We unloaded the house boat and settled in to spend a wonderful week together.

We played in the water,

 played in the sand,

  built bonfires on the beach,

ate amazing meals,

fished off the back of the house boat,

enjoyed lots of cousin time,

did our "own thing",

 went for boat rides,

went kyaking,

tubed behind Mark's ski boat,

held sweet babies,

did craft projects,

climbed the sand dunes,
went clift diving,

took family pictures- thank you Kelsey,

had a birthday party treasure hunt,

climbed mountains and carved our names in rocks.

And we watched beautiful sunsets.

But, mostly, we just enjoyed spending time together.

So, we jump for joy

because we surely do enjoy the ~