Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dan's Garden

While Tessha and I cleaned cupboards, Dan got into it in the garden. After a hard Idaho winter, it take a lot of work to get a new garden in and Dan's just the man for it.

As you can see we added two new garden boxes and hope to get walkways around each box. Maybe next year.
Dan's got tomato, cucumber, squash, peas and potatoes planted along with some herbs. The strawberries are in bloom and now we're just waiting for the grandkids to come pick and eat whatever they can find.
Thanks Dan!! Looks good!! But where are the trains and freight cars?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Ever since I was a little girl and my Dad would drive us over to Overton, Nevada for Memorial Day weekend, I have loved visiting the gravesites of dear family members. We used to make the trip to Aunt Marilyn's where we would visit for the weekend, clean and decorate Granpa Sam Harmon's grave, visit with family and maybe even do some waterskiing. I don't often get back to Granpa (Sam) and Granma's (Veva's) gravesites anymore but I think about them when we do our Idaho run.
Yesterday Dan and I took flowers around starting with a new cemetery. Last fall I found my paternal Great Grandparents (Allen and Emma Harmon- Sam's parents)burial site in the Rigby Cemetery so that where we went first.
There was an amazing feeling as I placed some flowers in front of their stones. It was like we had finally met and I loved them instantly. I am so grateful for the lives they lived and the posterity they had. My dad is one of them and he's wonderful.
Then we made our usual way down I15 to Blackfoot where we stopped and placed flowers on Dad's (Ed Harmon) grave.

Mom had a bench put in as his marker and just as we were leaving some little girls came wondering around. They found the bench and decided to have a little "sit". It was so cute and so very appropriate I just had to take a picture.
I know Dad would be pleased to know that someone was enjoying his bench. We got to visit with a Vetern who was placing flags at the gravesites of the vets in the cemetery. He said there were over 800 veterns buried there. It felt so good to see a small flag in front of Dad's bench. I am so grateful for the many vetern's who have served our country. I take great pride in the fact that Dan is a Vetern and will be honored with a small flag each year. One day I'll even get to share his flag with him.

We placed some flowers at Aunt Tippy's and Uncle Dave's site before we left.

Then we went on down to Pocatello. Grandpa and Grandma Rohde's graves were next. I'm so glad we had their marker mixed a couple of years ago. It looks really nice now.
After that we went to Seth's bike shop but he wasn't in so we stopped over at Perkin's and had breakfast/lunch before heading back to the Thomas cemetery.

As always, we placed flowers on Granpa (Daniel D.)and Granma (Martha Lois England)Thomas's site as well as little Darin Nissen's (Dave and Jolene's son)site.
We moved across to Aunt Helen's and Marie's spot
and then went over to the Moreland Cemetery and left flowers at Granpa (William)and Granma (Eliza Geddes) England's graves as well as Uncle Billy's.
Since it was such a good day for flowers, when we got home I went and picked out some flowers to plant in our backyard, too. Nobody ever said you have to be dead to enjoy a pretty flower.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning in the Rockies

Since my blogging is more of a journal keeping for me, I'll just say that I've been dreaming of having some time to catch up with all the wonderful posts I have in my head. However, being the end of the school year and all the "To Dos" that go along with that and since they've added hours to my pharmacy job, I seem to only dream of time to blog. I patiently waited knowing I'd have some time this Sunday morning. So I woke up early excited to get started.
Well, I started with my banking - got that done. Next I went to email. (I figured I'd start with the quick things and then have lots of time for blogging.) In my email there were some notices from FB so I quickly went there and.... a couple of hours later I'm starting one of the blogs. Such is life and life is wonderful. Even if I spend some of my blogging time, I was able to catch up with all my children's FB accounts and visit several friends accounts. Now wasn't that worth every minute!! YES!!!
On to my post.
A couple of weekends ago Tessha and I got into the spring cleaning mode and we spent the morning going through many of the kitchen cupboards. Our inspriration was finding places for our new dishes that Kevin and Ellen gave us while we were in California (one of the upcoming blogs!).
Now, not only do we have new dishes we have a clean place for them. Thank you, Tessha!! Thank you Kevin and Ellen!! It probably wouldn't have happened without you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

All Sunday mornings are wonderful but since this year we're on the 1:00-4:00 Church schedule, we get to sleep in a bit. Obviously, Sunday mornings are some of my favorite mornings! I lie in bed and read my scriptures and my RS and SS lessons. Sometimes I sew on my apron project or my cross-stitch. It’s so relaxing and restful.
Yesterday morning I called my mom and had a nice visit with her and then I got up and went into the kitchen. There was Dad fixing us both breakfast.
He was making me an omelet and himself 3 eggs like he always has. We had toast and coco and time together.
It was so sweet and thoughtful of him to do that. He knows I love a good omelet.

After breakfast he gave me a Mother’s Day gift. It was a Willow Tree figurine titled “The Quilt”.

I love it!! It’s a mother rocking her baby with a quilt over the top of the baby.
It so reminds me of the quilts I made as we prepared for each baby to come. Afterwards, I would wrap up that baby in the new quilt and rock to my heart’s content. Such good memories!!

What a great Mother’s Day gift that I will cherish forever. It sits on the mantel next to my Mother and Child figurine.

Thank you so much, Dan! Tessha gave me a beautiful notebook that I can keep in my purse and jot down my notes when I think of them. She knows me oh so well! Thank you, Tessha!

When we got home from Church Seth was there. He was waiting with us for Gracie to call home. Kristi and the kids called first so we had a good visit with them. They sent me a picture of Sitani with his soccer medal on and Marley sent me a picture of flowers that she had taken. I'd take them off my phone and show you but I can't :0It is always fun to visit with them.

Gracie called soon afterwards and we all got to talk with her. She told us about her transfer that is coming up and all that they’ve done in their last area. She’s feeling better now but will most likely visit with a dr. when she gets home just to make sure things are all ok. I think everyone enjoyed her call.

Tessha fixed us all a wonderful dinner. You really had to be there to enjoy it like we did. Thank you Tessha.

Daniel and Dalynn and the girls all called and we had fun talking with them, too. Alisha called later that evening as she was walking home from a park near their place. I visited with Elizabeth and Gwenevere for a little bit and Will called home, too. I love talking with my kids! They are such amazing people!!

Laura left a message because she couldn't get through with all of us on the phone with Gracie. Sorry!!

I have to say, I LOVED Mother’s Day this year. Thank you all!!