Saturday, February 16, 2008

Standing Strong

A while back I signed up to receive Daily Gems from the church website. I usually get two a day and sometimes I pass them along. I have loved having these quotes just pop up on my computer as I'm working. They are thought provoking and often help me adjust my attitude a bit. I hope to include a few of them on my blog now and then. Perhaps they will uplift and encourage you as well.

"In the January 2004 worldwide leadership training meeting, President Gordon B. Hinckley admonished the women of the Church to 'stand strong and immovable' against the evil that is growing in the world("Standing Strong and Immovable," Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting, Jan. 10, 2004, 20). Sisters, this is why we must seek to know and feel the Lord's love in our lives. It is why we must remember and
treasure up our own experiences with His peace and the strength it brings. And it is why we must relate our own experiences of faith and testimony to
our children and to those who are without parents or loved ones."

On this blog site I hope to "relate" some of my own "experiences of faith and testimony" to my children and loved ones.

I am so grateful for the wonderful women I have in my life who are examples to me of standing strong and imovable against the evils of the world. I often see it in the things you do and say. Thank you!!!
With love, Sandy (Mom/Granma)

Roof- Snow Day

You ask,"How can a roof have a snow day?" Well, it did. Last Saturday Dad and I declared it "Roof-Snow Day". Dad had been watching the snow pile up on the roof of the house. Higher and higher it stacked up and more and more concerned he became. So, finally last Saturday he came in and said, "We need to get the snow off the roof before we loose the rafters." This was a very logical thought and since many of our neighbors had either already begun the process or were on that very day doing so, I agreed with him and we proceeded to "shovel snow off the roof". It was difficult for Dad to get up on the roof but easy for me, so I was the one on top. Dad followed behind me with the snowblower, trying to get off the drive and walks what I was throwing down. We did pretty good together and now our rafters are clear of snow. Actually, they were clear of snow last Saturday but we had more snow since then. I think we did a good enough job that we won't have to do it again this winter. See for yourselves.
How many of you remember the night in the Chiloquin house when the roof started creaking and moaning and we had to shovel snow off of the roof just outside the little upstairs bedroom? I had never heard of it before then but Dad knew what to do. After I cleared the rafters I took some pictures of our backyard and neighbors shoveling their roofs, too.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Language Development

Now that's a strange title for a blog but since they closed school again today I'm not working with any of my favorite little people on their language development and as I sat for over 30 seconds trying to think of a title for this blog, I realized how absolutely wonderful it is to have the opportunity to write a blog; to think of "titles", "main concepts", "summaries" and other such attributes of a good written presentation. (Run-on sentence intended for teaching opportunity only). Technology is a superb way of developing language. Perhaps, I should look into it as a means of communication development for my students. I may be limited by school site internet rules and regulations; not to mention parent objections but you have to admit, it's a fun idea.

Now to the blog~

If you've seen Jenni's recent blog you'll know I was in Fall City with them last weekend. Another SLP for our district went with me to Seattle to a wonderful conference and once we found out where we were supposed to be (sometime during the 2nd day) we really enjoyed the speakers. We actually found the place the first day but we couldn't find for several hours the second day. Now ask me, "How can that be?" My answer, "I have no idea but I'll share the story if anyone wants to know." Our sides are still sore from laughing about always being lost. In between we had a chance to spend some time at the Space Needle and other fun Seattle sites but for me, the best part of the trip was spent with Will and Jenni.

Sara dropped me off at Will's work before she headed back to the airport. Poor Jenni had been there just waiting for us to "not get lost" on our way there. I think we almost made it in a straight shot, but Will had to keep calling to make sure we were where we were supposed to be.

While there Jenni helped me set up a second blogsite within my blog. Perhaps you've seen it, perhaps not, but you're welcome to visit it as well. It's on my site as a link called "Uplift My Soul". I was so excited with all the ideas Jenni had about how to personalize it. She's amazing with a computer and she knew just what to do to get it just the way I wanted. Thanks Jenni!!

Saturday morning, Will set up the computer so we could watch Pres. Hinckley's funeral. I especially enjoyed the spirit in their home during this sacred time. I was so touched by the deep and sincere remarks made from the pulpit. I loved the song that the choir sang at the conclusion. I hope to include a blog on my other site about the origin of it.

Later we went for a walk around their "neigbhorhood". Jenni was such a good sport and although it wasn't an easy walk up and down hills, she stayed right with us all the way. Don't worry, Jenni, you'll be running up and down those hills before long and you'll probably have a baby in a stroller in front of you. Go, girl!!

Here are a few of the fun pictures I took of their place. I hope all of you will get to visit it personally sometime.