Sunday, October 24, 2010

Especially at Home

Of all the places we've visited this fall, the prettiest place has been here at home. The roses have continued to bloom (better than they did through the summer) and the leaves have stayed on the trees to turned colors. We've had warm temperatures and little to no wind. It's been just about as perfect as it can get.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming Home From Logan

It's Sunday evening and Dan and I just got home from Logan but, we didn't leave Logan and just come home. We had another fantastic Fall time adventure.
Let me start at the beginning. Yesterday, Dan and I left IF and went straight to Logan. We had a room at Super 8 there for the night so we went there first and I dropped Dan off to rest a bit. I went over to Mom's and picked up her and brought her over to our room. That's where I finished the last blog while Mom and Dan watched some TV. Around 7:00 we went to The BlueBird Restaurant where we met up with Kelly & Julie, Dave & Dodie and Penny. The 8 of us had a nice dinner and a good visit together. Those times are all too rare.
This morning we got up early and got ready for Church, picked up Mom and then went to Kelly's ward for Logan's welcome home from his mission. He gave a great report and shared a strong testimony of Faith and the Gospel. Afterwards, we went to their home for Brunch. They served waffles, eggs, fruit, juices and just about everything else you could ask for. There was lots of family there and we had a fun time. Dan and I left fairly early to make the trip home.
Instead, just as we were pulling out of Logan and remembering all the great back roads with beautiful scenery we'd been on, I turned to Dan and said, "So, what's a pretty way to go home?" He said, "Well, you go down one of these roads and it takes you over the pass and down to I15 just north of Malad." He wasn't sure what road but we decided to try it anyway. Sure enough we were headed over the pass.
So, here's where the pictures come in. Just look at what we saw.

We even drove by the "Thomas Ranch". No, it wasn't our Thomas Ranch but it did make us think of our Thomas Farm.

So, when we were almost to Blackfoot I said to Dan, "Do you really want to go home yet or should we drive out by the Homestead?" He thought we could drive a bit more so off of I15 we went again. This time we drove by homes of people we know and love. It felt good to be in Thomas again. The old place looks good and pretty well taken care of. It was good but also almost hard to see our "little girls'" bedroom window and remember the time there were "three in a bed" in that room. Such good memories!!!
Anyway, we decided that while we were in the area we would stop in and make sure the Christensen's were doing ok. We didn't know if they were home or not but Dan rang the doorbell and pretty soon there was President Christensen standing at the door say, "Come in, come in." They welcomed us in as always and we sat in the living room and had a great visit~ again. It's always good to spend time with them. They are doing amazingly well and yes, of course, we had ice cream. This time with fresh raspberries from their garden and a homemade cookie, like always. What a treat ~ both the visit and the ice cream. When it was time to go they walked us to the car and I just had to take a picture of them both. You just never know when you won't be able to do that. So, here you go!

On our way out we stopped by Paunie's and had a nice but shorter visit with her, too.
Ah, the adventures of the wandering old couple. Tomorrow it's back to work we go but it will be with sweet memories and a smile.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Fall Days

Last weekend Dan, Tessha, Ruble and I spent a wonderful Saturday driving up to West Yellowstone. We took the scenic route out to Mesa Falls. We turned right off of Hwy 20 at Ashton and followed the road up the mountain to the Falls. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

We ended up coming back to Hwy. 20 mid Island Park and then made our way up to West Yellowstone. The weather was wonderful and I even enjoyed an evening walk around town in just a sweater!. Since then it was been below freezing almost every night this week. So, I guess you'd say we picked the "just right" weekend to go.
We went to church Sunday morning at the WY ward where we went when we were there for our Thomas reunion. Dan and I left soon after church to head for home. We took the old highway from Ashton to Driggs. It was absolutely the most beautiful fall scenery I've seen since leaving Oregon. Some call it "Calendar" material. Unfortunately, I was driving and didn't get any pictures. Besides, I couldn't have done it justice. It really was breathtaking. We had hoped to stop by Laquata and Scott's place in Driggs but they weren't home when we got there so we stopped for a bite to eat and then drove on home.
We stopped by the Teton Dam that busted back in '76 and although I took some pictures, I must have lost them.
It was a weekend I'll remember for a long time. Not only did we see some of the most beautiful places in Idaho, I got to spend the whole weekend with Dan. That's the best!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

And the Party Continues

(Before I even start this blog I have to say that I really regret not having the time to blog as often as I'd like. My life is so full of wonderful times and experiences that I could certainly spend many more hours blogging. Also, for all those that have shared these fun times, just know that I've thought about them, looked at the pictures and smiled many times before sitting down at the computer.)

And the Party Continues...
Turning sixty only gets better when you travel to Seattle to visit children and bless new babies.

On Thursday, September 23 Dan and I went to SL for VA appointments and then to Orem for the evening. We were able to spend time with the Sugies and even watch one of Sitani's soccer games. I didn't get take any pictures but Kristi just sent me this one. We sure had fun watching him.We went back to SL that night and stayed in a hotel close to the airport. Friday morning we left the car in the lot and caught a flight to SeaTac. Dan was able to get on the first flight out of SL and I came along later. With the help of a few simple miracles we hooked up in San Fransico and caught a flight together into Seattle. We rented a car and drove to James and Elizabeth's house.It was so good to be there, to see Alisha (who I miss dearly) again
and spend the night in their home. On Saturday Will and Jenni came over to visit with us and we finally got to see our newest grandson, Taylor Alexander Thomas.

He's the spitting image of Preston except that his hair has a slightly dark tint to it. He quite big for his age - just like Preston was and he's a doll. He's also a very good baby. Holding him was a joy!
That afternoon some of us took naps.

Some of us read stories to the kids.

Some of us had snacks
and James BBQed bratts and hotdogs (with Gwenenere's help - I think she helps him with everything he does except his homework)

while Elizabeth made me a homemade Angel Food cake for my birthday. She covered it with whip cream and berries

and then James started adding candles
and more candles and more candles
until he had 60 candles on that cake. And then he started lighting them all.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday (off tune, just for fun) and Gwenevere and Preston helped me blow and blow until all the candles were out.
Then we ate CAKE!!! YUM~YUM!! What a party!! Later that night Dan and I followed Will and Jenni back to their house and spent the night with them. The next morning we got up and all got ready for Church. This was going to be a very special day for all of us ~ especially for Taylor. This was Taylor's blessing day! Preston was ready!

Taylor was ready!
Granpa was ready!
Granma was ready!
And after helping everyone else get ready, Will and Jenni were ready too!

We went to Church and Will gave Taylor a wonderful blessing. He gave him the name of Taylor Alexander Thomas and blessed him with every needful thing to fulfill his mission here on earth.
Granpa and Granma Southworth were there with Granma Great and many other friends. It was a wonderful experience. (I got to hold Taylor during the rest of Sacarment Meeting). Jenni accomplied a violinist for a special musical number and she let me hold Taylor.

After Church we had a wonderful dinner all together

and I had to leave all too soon to catch a flight out.
As it would be, I never could get a flight that night and ended up calling Elizabeth somewhere around 10:30 to come get me at the airport. There were no more flights going my way for the night.
She was so good to take me back to the airport again about 4:00 AM and I did finally get out. I had to fly from Seattle to Portland to San Fransico to Salt Lake where I got the car and drove on home. I got back about 11:30 that night but I was home.
Dan stayed a few extra days with James and Elizabeth and then he flew home on Wednesday. What a wonderful, fun time with family!!!