Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Last Roses of Summer

These beautiful peppermint roses are the last roses of summer for 2012. We were lucky to have 2 of them saved before the deep freeze.

Meet the Fish Family

We recently aquired a new family living with us.  We call them the Fish Family.
There's Silver, named after Hi Ho Silver; Pumpkin, named for (her) beautiful pumpkin color; Jimmy,
Jimmy is always a blue beta - tradition; Baby, because she is a baby;
and Mr. Crab because (he) is a crab.

                                                We're enjoying having them in our kitchen.
                                                          And, nope, they're not for dinner.
                                                                    Not even Mr. Crab

Alisha's Beautiful Hair

All natural, color and curl!!

                                                          Don't you just LOVE it! 

News Alert! It Finally Happened!!

We bought a new dishwasher.
Dad and Alisha were out there watching for those Labor Day bargins and sure enough, they found it!
We bought it early morning, Labor Day and it was installed a day later. 
Now we really have clean dishes and glasses.
So nice!!

A Weekend with Jace and Annie

Spending a weekend with Jace and Annie is as fun as going to the zoo.  Actually, it was even funner than that.

I went to their new place in Midvale, Utah and spent some time with them a week after Brooklyn was born.  Mark was going on a biking trip with some friends and Laura was at home with the kids.  I took Thursday, September 20th  and  Friday, September 21st off of work and headed south. Thursday afternoon.  

Jace and Annie took me to their new "playground" right outside their apartment.  We played ship on the slides and then went for a short walk to look at the flowers near their new house. 

Friday morning we loaded up and headed to Salt Lake.  Laura drove her car there and got us into The Children's Museum.  They have a family pass but she had to be there to get us in.  Soon afterwards she took baby Brooklyn home and the three of us stayed to play for hours and hours.  We ate a lunch that Laura had packed for us and then we went to get my tire fixed. 

I had a slow leak and needed it fixed.  Jace, Annie and I ate pizza at the tire store and waited for the car to get done. 

After that we went out to the Kennecot Mines in Magna.  It was a fun ride out there.  The kids had been there before with Mark and Laura but it was all new to me.  I soaked it up like a little kid myself.  We spent a little bit of time walking around and seeing all the videos, and sites that we could.  It started to get a little cold so we got back in the car and headed home.  What a fun Friday!
We got up Saturday and decided to make it a day at the Zoo.  My Olympus camera had broken so we tried to pick up a new camera at a Walmart on the way.  No go!  We didn't find the camera I was looking for so we just went on.  I took a few pictures with my camera.  They aren't the best but at least I have some. 

We rented a double stroller and bought some hats and then we hit the cages.

 We ate another yummy lunch that Laura had put together and then we ended with rides on the carousel


Now, that was one fun day!!

From the Garden

                    It's so fun to gather the goodies from the garden and it's even more fun to eat them.

Here's just a little of what we had for Sunday dinner.

Ummm, ummmm  new peas and potatoes! 
Thank goodness for gardens.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Day the Sun was Red

The area was ablaze with fires and the sky was cloudy red with a big ball of red.  You could actually look right at the sun and it didn't hurt your eyes.  It took over a month for the fires to all be extinquished.  Alisha and I had to have a picture since we could look right at it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seth & Ali's Wedding Day- August 11,2012

Seth and Ali's wedding was one of the most beautiful I've seen.  The day started out at the Idaho Falls Temple were they were married and sealed together for time and all eternity.  When they came out of the temple, Alaisa was radiant.  Family pictures were taken and then we came home for the luncheon.

After lunch the men headed to the Sportsman's Park to set things up for the ring ceremony, reception and dance.

And here at the house we were all getting ready for a big night.

And when we got there they had taken pictures ....

and everything was in place and beautiful.

They had a formal line with Alaisa and her dad, Seth and myself and a whole line of bridesmaids and grooms men.  We all walked down the path towards the seated area.

Marley was the Flower Girl and Sitani was the Ring Bearer. They were so cute!!

 President Reilly conducted the ceremony and Gracie read a poem.  Kelsey, Ali's sister also participated but I've forgotten what she read.  Seth and Ali exchanged rings and the party started.

They served breads and spreads and pies and cake. 

One of the highlights of the evening was having Roger and Candy Vickery there with us!  It was so good to see them both again!!  And to think they drove over from Oregon just for this.
We knew they were coming and we had waited with anticipation.  Unlike, when I suddenly, out of the blue saw Carlos and Sharon Becerra.  What??  That was Chiloquin.  Weren't we here in Idaho Falls?  Where they really here, too?  Those were some of the random thoughts I had when I first saw them.  They had decided to surprise us and come for the wedding.  WOW!  They had driven all night and were heading back the next day.  WOW!!  What a wonderful surprise.   It was such a surprise that we didn't even get a picture of them there.  However, we had a great visit.  Then I joined Dan at the table with several of our good Ward family.  So many wonderful people all there for Seth and Ali. 
There was a dance below by the river and I Seth danced with me once.  The kids all had a great time and Peggy and I visited for a long time as men and boys hauled out the chairs and tables and the lights were taken down.  We tried to help but mostly we just stood on the bridge.  The lights were low and it was such a beautiful, warm, August night.

The next afternoon the Vickery's came over and had lunch with us on the patio.  It was wonderful to visit with them again and we made promises to get together more often.   It was like family leaving when they had to go.

Mostly, I loved being in the Temple with Dan and several of our children!!  Will had stayed a week with us and was there to help with everything!!  Haini's and Kristi's family was there as well as Mark and Laura's.  Luke flew in special for the wedding and Grace was home, too.  She would be leaving soon for Germany so it was especially good to have here there with us. 

Visiting with family and friends ~ Time together ~ From start to finish, that's what it's all about~

                                   Thank you Seth and Alaisa for a wonderful day ~
                                             one we'll never forget.