Sunday, October 12, 2014

West Yellowstone

On the 19th, we loaded the van up and took another trip; this time to West Yellowstone. Dan had arranged a 3 bedroom condo there for us and we were going to explore Yellowstone National Park. Even though we were getting back into the car, we were very excited. Of course, this was going to be a couple of hours, nothing like the trip before.
We stopped at Mesa Falls on our way up and as always, it was beautiful. They girls immediately found new friends that spend a bit of time with us as we explored.

 We checked into the Wyndum and had some dinner
and some dessert.
Then the next morning we took off for the park.
Gwenevere wanted to see "lava" shooting into the air from the "volcanos".
We did what we could to meet her wishes.

We were going to be in the park for 2 days so this first day we took the north route
and went to the Upper Falls.  It was beautiful to see this part of the park.

Of course we stopped along the way to see the wildlife. 
Here's a deer out in the field.

and a buffalo moving in on us,

 and a family of buffalo passing by.

We spent another night at the condo
checking out the next morning.
Look what we found on our car window. It's about 7 inches long.
Any guesses?

We had to have a picture of the famous "moose head" hand sign
in front of the Yellowstone National Park sign. 
Thank you Elizabeth and Gwenevere.
 Another crazy pic
 and a "we have it all together" pic for posterity.
One of the first stops today was "Old Faithful"
 where we took our seats and waited...
 and waited...
 and waited.
 I think Gwenevere was getting tired of waiting
 but we hung on
 and finally she started to blow.
 Lunch was at the Old Faithful Inn.
Was this supposed to be "share and share alike thing?"
 Later that day we made a stop
at the Continental Divide
 where part of this creek flows west and part of it flows east,
or so they say.

 One last pic from Yellowstone on our way out.
It was a great trip with the Roemhidts. 
Now we just have to get Daddy Roemhidt in some of these kinds of pictures.

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James and Elizabeth said...

OH I love all the pictures. I'll probably end up saving them to my blog too. Thanks for sharing