Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another Utah Wedding

On Friday, July 11th Dan and I headed back to Salt Lake for another wedding.  Clinton and Taunia's youngest daughter Savannah Wheeler was getting married in the Draper Temple the following day.
On our way down we stopped at Maddox (as had become a habit for us) and lo, and behold, who do you think we saw having lunch there?

We stayed the night at Mark and Laura's and got up early Saturday morning to leave for the temple. We drove around the point of the mountain to get there but we drove around the back of the mountain to get back to Lehi.  
We saw lots of Thomas family at the wedding and it was really nice.  We went to the Hale Center Theatre for the wedding breakfast.  The people that own the Center are an Aunt and Uncle of the groom. 
They had hired a catering company to make omlets for everyone.  It was so good!  There was a short program done by some of the people from the theatre.
The drive around the back of the mountain was beautiful.  It was quite high up with lots of winding bends and the landscape was breath-taking.
We weren't able to stay for the reception that night because we needed to be back for Sunday so we had a nice ride home together.

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