Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tacoma- Idaho Falls Road Trip

Did you ever have a road trip that began with an airplane flight?  Well, I did.  I was so excited for a good old fashion road trip with Elizabeth and her children, but first of all I had to get there.  So, on June 16th ......  I flew into Tacoma, WA. 
It was so fun to be there and see their home improvements, gardens and especially to watch James with his beehives.

It was fascinating to watch him work.
Later that evening we went to the park with some of their friends.  Gwenevere and I had a lovely walk around the park lake.  It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed the time together.

And of course, we had to play at the playground before we went home to go to bed.

We were up early the next day as we packed the car with suitcases, snacks and of course, little sweethearts to take to Idaho Falls. 
So exciting!!!!

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