Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thanksgiving in Baltimore

In early November, Daniel and Dalynn called. Luke and Jenn’s family was joining them for Thanksgiving dinner and we were invited.  So, the three of us flew to Baltimore for the 3rd time this year.  Boy, did we ever have fun.  Playing with kids and grandkids, eating deep fried turkey, watching Luke and Daniel play in the backyard together (They were building a ski lift and ski slope), cutting down Christmas trees, decorating wreaths, wrapping presents and visiting.  There’s no better way to spend Thanksgiving.
We started the day with the first annual Daniel L. Thomas Turkey Bowl.  While it was pretty chilly that morning, it didn't stop the guys and even girls from getting out there on the icy grass and throwing that ball around.  Most of us sat on blankets and drank hot chocolate. 
As it warmed up the kids started moving around and even drew pictures in the dirt.  Pretty good picture of a turkey at the turkey bowl.
Afterwards there was even a little time for "father-son" ball.
  When we got home most of us stayed inside and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...
 but not Luke and Daniel.  They headed back outside to play. 
  They had a ski lift to built.  Seriously!  Where's the snow you ask?
Later on Daniel got the bird ready for the fryer...

while the girls were busy in the kitchen.

And when it was all ready we sat down to a wonderful dinner with family and friends.

I have to say deep fried turkey is fantastic, so moist.  Good job Daniel!
After things were cleaned up, put away and the little ones in bed, Jenn, Karly, Alisha and I went to the show "The Life of Pi".  Very interesting movie.  Personally, I enjoyed it but it left questions in my head. 
The next morning we had a fun breakfast of a yummy foreign pancake (can't remember what kind it was but it was good) and fruit.
Then we put on our coats went outsde.  While we were waiting for everyone we did a front yard tree photo shoot. 

Afterwards we loaded up the cars and started the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.



 Back in the cars we headed down the road and found a fun place for dinner.  We also stopped and picked up a few things to wrap Christmas presents and make a wreath for the door.
While some decorated the tree, Karly and I wrapped presents.  Afterwards we decorated a wreath and hung it on the door.  This is the second year we spent Thanksgiving in Baltimore, cut and decorated a tree and a door wreath.  We are so blessed.