Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pre-Christmas Weekend

Dad had a VA appointment on Dec. 21 so Alisha and I went with him.  The appointment went well and he was even invited to participate in a research study about hospital beds for disabled vets.  His pictures are on his phone which is broken now but it will be fun to get them off and blog about it later.
Afterwards, we met up with Kristi and Laura's families and walked around Temple Square. It was beautifully lit up and we spend some good time in the Visitor Center.

Mark met us at Chuck Wagon and we all had dinner before heading home.

We stayed the night in Orem and then went to Kristi's the next afternoon.  Alisha and I went shopping for some Christmas clothes for her.  We found just what we wanted and went back to Kristi's.  Laura brought down a wonderful Christmas ham and we baked potatoes and other vegetables.  It was a great dinner but the best part was after dinner.

We got to open Christmas presents together.




Dan Thomas said...

Good pictures as usual. Maybe it will be cold tommorow and you can stay home another day.

James and Elizabeth said...

Looks like fun. Wished we lived closer so you could come visit us more often. Oh wait maybe you'll move closer to us. That would be fun.